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Catalog springs are manufactured to standard specifications. They are sized to fit into holes or over rods. Each selection is available in an array of wire sizes producing different spring rates and loads. Catalog springs are ideal for R&D engineers and toolmakers concerned with the economical costs of designing and prototyping new assemblies.

With the most comprehensive selection of compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, Belleville washers, wave springs and constant force springs, we can supply over 100,000 catalog springs in vast specifications and various materials. The highly efficient warehouse and logistic manage system can facilitate us to deliver most of your catalog spring purchase orders in 24 hours.

When our catalog springs can’t meet your demands exactly, our experienced engineers can have closely communication with you and carry out an optimum spring solution, with concerning the factors like spring dimension, load performance, material property, work environment and finishing, etc.

Irrespective of catalog springs or custom springs we would be your one-stop shop for all your spring needs.

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