Service standards

We set respective standards on our products and service years ago, our clients got benefits from them and gave a highly appraisal on them.

Timeliness standards

. catalog springs quotation: quote in 2 hours;

. custom springs quotation: feedback in 2 hours and accomplish the quotation in 24-48 hours;

. catalog springs delivery: it’s variable based on the different spring type, material and dimension, overall 80% would be committed to deliver      in 24 hours;

. custom springs delivery: deliver before the committed date, on time delivery rate over 95%.

Documentation with Delivery

. Catalog spring will be shipped with packing list and Certificate of Compliance bydefault;

Catalog spring will be shipped with material certificate, inspection report, packing list and Certificate of Compliance by default;

Irrespective of any catalog spring or custom spring, you can download the material certificate, first article inspection report and final
    inspection report on our website via the lot number which you can find on each of our packing label.

Raw materials standard – we attach high importance on the materials quality, all materials we used would meet below standards.

.  Music wire: ASTM A228, DIN 17223, BS 5216, EN 10270-1, JIS G 3522, GB/T 4358;

Stainless steel: ASTM A313, DIN 17224, BS 2056, EN 10270-3, JIS G 4314, GB/T 24588;

Alloy Wire: ASTM A401, DIN 17223, BS 2803, EN 10270-2, JIS G 3561, GB/T 18983.

Production technology standard – we follow below standards in the core production workflows.

Electro Zinc plating: ASTM B633;

Hydrogen embrittlement exemption: ASTM B633;

Electro Nickel plating: ASTM B764;

Chemical Nickel plating: ASTM B733;

Stainless steel passivated: ASTM A967;

Salt spray test: ASTM B177.

Tolerance Standard – we take the default tolerance on stock springs and the custom springs which without special specifications.

Compression Spring:DIN2095, BS1726-1

Extension Spring:DIN2097, BS1726-2

Torsion Spring:DIN2194, BS1726-3

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