Belleville washers
For diversified environment and applications we developed catalog Belleville washers with material: 60Si2Mn and 50CrVA alloy wire, by adjusting the parameters like: material thickness, outside diameter, inside diameter and free height, etc, we can achieve different spring dimension and rate. So far we are suppling 88 kinds of catalog Belleville washers, please fill in the parameters in the below fields and browse the most suitable catalog Belleville washers for you or checking the specification by filling in the part number searching field,Click on the Search button without input any parameter, it will show you the details of all the catalog springs in this category.

Spring Dimension

* Outside Diameter: ~ mm
* Inside Diameter: ~ mm
Material Thickness: ~ mm
Free Height: ~ mm

Performance Parameters

Load @75% deflection: ~ N

Spring Material


Part number searching

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