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Just like compression springs, extension springs have a wide range of applications. They are for example used in machineries, automatic devices, power transmission and door locks, etc.

. Extension springs in vast range of choices

Extension springs are designed to give a specific pull force when extended to a specific length. Our catalog extension springs can be supplied in wire size range from 0.20 to 3.00 millimeter, as well as custom extension springs are from 0.20 to 6.00 millimeter.

Cold coiled extension springs can be given an initial tension which needs to be overcome before any elongation of the spring takes place. The level of initial tension can be controlled by coiling and heat treatment.

Most common ends are different types of end loops and hooks, there are also a wide range of other mechanical attachment possibilities such as coiled in and screwed in attachments. For example: half hooks, German loops, English loops, extended hooks, side hooks, side loops, screw plugs and screw shackles.

. Unique competence in manufacturing extension springs

We have many years’ experience on extension springs design and manufacture, also we continuously give priority to technological research and development in the field. Our core competitive advantages are our tailor design ability, strict in process quality control, on time delivery and good service. All our efforts are for satisfying your needs of good extension springs.

We are serving over 3000 industrial clients overall the world, our approved experience of springs in various different branches and applications give you the possibility to receive the best recommendations and springs optimum for your actual application. Environment evaluation and material recommendations, overstress analysis, load, deflection and fatigue analysis are factors our spring experts have unique knowledge about. We can support you from the idea and understanding of your expectations and application demands to the validation of the design, small batch sampling, and to final bulk production.

Our extension springs can be used in almost every industry sector, which could be the common applications in automobile, electronic devices, automatic applications, but also in foods, packing, medical devices, environment protection, aerospace & airplane.

Our spring manufacturing is organized with highest flexibility and delivery precision, for your immediate needs or small orders we also provide a wide extension spring stock program range with both music steel wire and stainless steel wire, over 19,000 items on shelves. Irrespective of when and where you need a catalog extension spring or a specially tailored custom extension spring, we can help you to find an optimum solution.

Select Catalog Extension Spring > Customize Extension Spring >

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